Our skills and talent working for your profit

The Carvoeiro Clube Group is the largest property management company in Lagoa where it manages over 400 villas and apartments and its mission is to become a solid regional hospitality company.

Our skills and talent working for your profit

The Carvoeiro Clube Group is the largest property management company in Lagoa where it manages over 400 villas and apartments and its mission is to become a solid regional hospitality company.

About us

Carvoeiro Clube Investment

Carvoeiro Clube Investment is one of the fastest growing property investment and asset management companies in the Algarve, Portugal.

Our main focus lye’s on the residential and touristic market. We investigate and look beyond the obvious, pinpoint the best property investments with remarkable potential.
With many years of experience and a highly specialized team, together with our unique knowledge of the market, we have shaped our reputation for outstanding accomplishment and have been creating strategic and trustful partnerships with financial institutions, municipalities and private clients. 
In addition to a strong commitment to this region of the Algarve, Carvoeiro Clube Group is committed to innovative and high-quality products. 

Carvoeiro Clube Investment, provides full-service management, focused on finding and meeting investments for institutions and private investors that work together with us.

Our first objective is to obtain investment returns that enable our clients to achieve the best financial goals.

We manage investments across the full spectrum of asset classes, fixed income, property and alternative assets.
We are an independent asset management company, and our main goal is to serve the requirements of our investors, at all times we act in the best interests of our clients, facilitating capital flows and investment options.

Our commitment to our investors:

  • We aim to maximize on return.
  • We work closely with our property managers.
  • We negotiate with all third parties.
  • We manage the cash flow.
  • We provide all necessary assistance during acquisition and disposition.
  • We develop, distribute and model a complete lifecycle financial analysis.

Who are we?

  • Holiday rentals and asset management company
  • 400 units in 9 resorts
  • 35 years old
  • +200 employees



Founded in 1982, the Carvoeiro Clube Group is one of the largest tourism and asset management companies in the south of Portugal, managing over 400 villas and apartments in 9 resorts. For the past 3 years, the group acquired new resorts, sport facilities and completed a major re-structure to consolidate its strategic business units: holiday rentals, asset management and real estate development.


How do we do it?

  • Hospitality focused
  • Reduced exposure
  • Low risk acquisitions
  • Organic growth
  • Property management

The group focus solely on hospitality and residential projects in the south of Portugal and is growing by 1) acquisition, 2) management contracts and 3) organic growth enhancing its operations and property management.

Moving forward the group benefits from a solid financial position built over the last 35 years investing in low risk projects with positive cash flow from operations and maintaining a reduced third-party equity exposure. To achieve its mission, the group has developed a flexible strategy in order to take advantage of several business models for each strategic business unit alone or through joint ventures.


To become a solid regional hospitality company by 2022 g the best products and the best combination adapted to each investor.

To continue expanding our core business through acquisition, management and organic growth, focusing especially on the diversification of our rental portfolio and locations.

For the next 5 years, the company expects to double the properties and resorts under management reaching over 100,000 room nights sold per year; grow the consolidated EBITDA y.o.y. by 20%; be one of the top national leaders in terms of information technology provided to stakeholders.


To achieve our goals Carvoeiro Club Investment and its partner companies, will work together, to achieve all our investors needs to its full spectrum.

A strategic cooperation with our partner companies gives Carvoeiro Clube Investment competitive advantages and opportunities to access a broader range of resources and expertise. 

With our partner companies, we are able to provide distinctive assets and services that position us as the top investment company in this part of Portugal.

Property Management

Carvoeiro Clube Group

Carvoeiro Clube Actividades Turísticas Lda one of our partner company’s was founded in 1982, and is currently one of the largest enterprises in the tourism industry in the Algarve with over 400 villas and apartments under its management. 

The growth of this company will continue as many resorts, developments and property owners are looking for good and reliable management and rental services. The deal is to offer an all-inclusive package, tailored to the property needs of each investor. Many rental home owners and investors nationwide trust our Property Management.  

We have improved and streamlined our services over the past 35 years. Our highly-trained team is prepared to meet all demands. We know what works, what rents, and how to get more for your property.

It is the Group’s vision to remain the best service provider and property manager in the Carvoeiro, Lagoa and surrounding areas and the top holiday destination in the Algarve with that “something extra”. 

Real Estate

Carvoeiro Clube

Carvoeiro Clube Real Estate is one of the leading real estate agents based in the cosy village of Carvoeiro, in the western Algarve. 

We have an extensive portfolio available throughout the south of Portugal and our close relationship with selected developers allows us to pick up prime properties before they are even placed on the market. Together with our partner company Carvoeiro Clube Group  we have exclusive access to some of the finest homes in prestigious resorts throughout the Algarve. Get in touch with us whether your buying or selling, let our team of well-trained agents help make your dream come true and find you that perfect place in the sun!

Register today and be kept up-to-date with all our new and existing properties.

Our boards vision:

  • The investable real estate in Portugal is increasing rapidly and is leading to a huge expansion in opportunity, especially with emerging economies.
  • Competition for prime assets will keep growing.
  • Assets are expected to keep growing significantly until 2020.
  • The future will bring merges and joint ventures between asset managers and investors.
  • Assets are low risk yield products.

By 2020 asset managers will have found their centre stage, revitalising the world economy, working side by side with financial institutions and Carvoeiro Clube Group will be a leading part of the big picture.

Meet the team:

For the past few years we’ve analysed plenty of opportunities and created a portfolio of potential projects resulting in a period of intense negotiations, but through persistent and flexible negotiations, but also, due to our solid reputation among financial institutions, partners and investors, we’ve managed to turn opportunities into ground-up projects built to the budget. 

As with any other industries, tourism is subject to economic cycles and market fluctuations but at our group we believe in the old saying, “No risk, No reward,” and the key to our success has been to pursue slowly but surely, focusing in our core competences to minimize risk and maximize rewards. Through tight budget controls and doing what we do best, we’ve managed to build our investment model around the economic cycles and challenges.

Company Ceo

Patricia Bürer

Mrs. Bürer is of Swiss nationality and the operational leader of the management company Carvoeiro Clube Actividades Turisticas Lda. She graduated from the Lausanne Hotel Management School in Switzerland and has a 35 year experience in all leading positions in hotel operations mainly in the Mediterranean Region. She has been in Resort Management in the Algarve for more than 25 years and worked for Carvoeiro Clube since 1995. She has a profound knowledge of the European holiday tourism market and has specialized in very successfully promoting holiday rental units to touroperators and travel agencies through all of Europe. Mrs. Bürer is also specialized in general management, especially optimizing staff cost levels and increasing maintenance and cleanliness standards.


Managing Partner

Andreas A. Stocker

Andreas Stocker is of Swiss nationality and also a graduate of the Lausanne Hotel Management School. He has been running Carvoeiro Clube for 20 years and is now a real estate developer in Switzerland. As partial owner of the Carvoeiro Clube Group, he spends 30% of his time here in Carvoeiro, overseeing the operations. He is a very experienced hotel operator, especially in food & beverage operations, resort  maintenance issues and also in the field of cost analyses and financial matters.

Managing Partner

Erik de Vlieger

Mr. de Vlieger is a Dutch real estate developer with an enormous level of energy and high personal ambition. He is responsible for the Carvoeiro Clube Group’s sales program and real estate development. He has great experience of the Algarve real estate market and with his natural sense of deal making, he is very important for the growth of the group over the next years.

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