35 anos de experiência fazem toda a diferença

O Carvoeiro Clube Investment é uma das empresas de investimento imobiliário e de gestão de ativos de mais rápido crescimento no sul do Algarve, Portugal.

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35 anos de experiência fazem toda a diferença

O Carvoeiro Clube Investment é uma das empresas de investimento imobiliário e de gestão de ativos de mais rápido crescimento no sul do Algarve, Portugal.

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Founded in 1982, the Carvoeiro Clube Group is one of the largest tourism and asset management companies in Algarve, Portugal, managing over 400 villas and apartments in 8 resorts. For the past 3 years, the group acquired new resorts, sport facilities and completed a major re-structure to consolidate its strategic business units: Holiday Rentals, Property Management and Asset Management.



In 2018 the group will open two new resorts Vale de Milho Village and Quinta do Algarvio, and has ongoing deals for the acquisition and management of a couple more resorts and a golf course. During the next 5 years, the CC Group expects to double the number of properties under management, consolidating its presence in Central Algarve and grow the group’s consolidated EBITDA by 20% on average per year. The group will also improve its operating capabilities offering a more comprehensive experience to its clients by acquisition and management of facilities featuring sports, event management and food & beverage outlets.



The group focuses solely on hospitality and residential projects in Algarve and is growing by acquisition, management contracts and organic growth enhancing its operations and property management. (enter paragraph)
Moving forward the group benefits from a solid financial position built over the last 35 years investing in low risk projects with positive cash flow from operations and maintaining a reduced third-party equity exposure. (remove one extra space) In order to achieve our mission of becoming a solid regional hospitality company, the group will continue to diversify its locations, offer new products and develop a flexible strategy to take advantage of several business models for each strategic business unit.



Our values, reputation and identity were established around reduced exposure, low risk projects and solid operations. Moving forward, the group will also consider joint ventures and partnerships to fuel a faster development and take advantage of the positive economic trends expected for the next decade, making the Carvoeiro Clube Group, a firm partner when it comes to invest in Algarve.


O Vale de Milho Village é o mais recente projeto de investimento do Grupo Carvoeiro Clube, com 32 moradias geminadas, de dois e três quartos, situadas num dos locais mais atrativos ​​do Algarve.

Abertura no verão de 2018

Boutique Resort

A Quinta do Algarvio Village Resort, será um dos mais pretensiosos Resorts do Carvoeiro Clube, com todo o potencial de criar algo muito especial, que ainda não existe no mercado imobiliário de Carvoeiro.Será um pequeno e exclusivo Boutique Resort, muito bem projetado e construído com os mais altos padrões, e decorado em estilo contemporâneo e moderno.

High Performance Footeball Centre

Match Algarve, será o local ideal para equipas profissionais, amadoras, grupos e famílias que desejam ter a experiência do futebol ao longo de todo o ano.

Not a typical tourist development

The group acquired the Mabor building, an iconic asset in Portimão’s city centre and finished its refurbishment in 2017. Atrium Arade offers residential and retail components having reshaped the old town’s image and benefits from riverside views and strong presence of banks, shops and other services.

Atrium Arade offers 10 apartments for sale from € 365,500, conference rooms, retail and office space.

Sale and lease back opportunity with yearly fixed income

Carvoeiro Club is selling for € 2.5 million an apartment block with 12 two bedroom apartments fully equipped and furnished with a net rental guarantee of 4% (€ 100,000 per year) during 5 years. The building is under management by the group and is part of Monte Dourado, a family-friendly resort with a privileged hill-top position overlooking Carvoeiro Beach. The resort has over 100 apartments, 5 swimming pools and 2 tennis courts.

The opportunity represents a sale and lease back opportunity with an ongoing fixed yearly income.

Mixed-use project in Lagoa’s city centre

In December 2017, the group acquired an iconic, yet unfinished, residential building with a privileged location right in the entrance of Lagoa.

The reconversion of the building into a mixed-use development will offer 50 apartments, from studios with 40 sqm to a 500 sqm deluxe penthouse with 5 bedrooms.

Atrium Lagoa is expected to open in the last quarter of 2019 and will also offer a “boutique” Hotel-apartament with capacity for 15 bedrooms and 18 shops.

One of the attributes of Atrium Lagoa will be its 2,100 sqm of outdoor areas featuring terraces, gardens and other outdoor common areas.

Vale de Milho Village

Under Construction

Atrium Arade
Quinta do Algarvio

Under Construction

Monte Dourado
Feitoria Hotel

Under Construction

Vila Gaivota
Presa de Moura
Carvoeiro Tennis
Vale a Pena
Quinta do Paraíso
Carvoeiro Clube
Monte Carvoeiro
Algarve Clube Atlântico
Atrium Lagoa

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